We prefer 2 types of files for outputting your art to create the film for making your screens.

The best way to send your art is a Vector based file created in Adobe Illustrator. This allows us to either shrink or enlarge your art to the size that you want us to print your image without losing any resolution. 

Please note: If you have type in your image, you must use "Convert to Outlines" option, to assure the font is read as an object, rather than a font that we may not have installed on our computer.

The other file type we accept is PSD (Adobe Photoshop) or Bitmap images, but please note that you must submit your Bitmap image at a high resolution for best results. We like the files to be at 300 Pixels Per Inch, and please note to send us bitmap images at the size that you would like your art to be printed onto the garment.

One thing we tell people using clip art or downloaded JPEG files, is to print the file out on paper at the size you want to print on a shirt. If it looks blurry or at all not clear, it is not "Print-Ready". You never want to use a file that is at a low resolution. 

Need original artwork?

We have a great artist here that can either create original art or redo  your art professionally.