There are a lot of details when it comes to placing a custom printed apparel order, and this section will take you through the life of a custom printed order. Whether the order is few just a few dozen, or a few hundred dozen, the steps are all the same.

  1. Choosing a garment brand, style, color(s), sizes, and quantities. We can help with this if you are not sure!

  2. Next is choosing your ink type and print method, generally this will be decided on based on the garment fabric of the product you want to print onto.

  3. Preparing and submitting artwork for print. Most artwork will need to be sized, adjusted, and made “print ready”. Again, we will either advise you on what needs to be done with your artwork, or we can help you getting the design ready for print.

  4. Once we have the garments and the artwork has been reproduced onto our screens, we get our production team to set up and print a few test prints to see how the final product will look. We offer a “press check” to our customers that are local to the area, where you can come into our shop and look at the test prints. After approval, your job will go right into production. For those not local to our shop, we offer a “Pic Proof”, where we will text you a photo of one of your garments printed. We give you 15-30 minutes to approve or make changes to the print job. Any changes will definitely affect the turnaround times.

  5. Once your job is completed, the order is re-counted and packed up. Your payments are due when you pick up, or before any products are shipped out. Please contact us if you are interested in setting up terms for your company.