Plastisol Inks

Plastisol ink is the most used type of ink in the industry. Plastisol is an oil based ink in which the ink sits on top of the fabric, with little to no absorption into the textile. It has a glossy finish and its thicker consistency makes it suitable for almost any fabric. We can match Pantone colors perfectly with these inks, if you must have a specific color to match your branding this is the best choice of ink for your custom printed project!

Discharge Inks

These inks are the solution to water based prints on dark fabrics. They have a chemical process that bleaches out the dye on the shirt to revert it back to its original cotton color. We add pigment to the ink and it then dyes the fabric of the shirt while we print it. These inks have a slight hand before being washed, but after the first wash will have absolutely no feel because it becomes part of the fabric. However, Discharge ink only work on cotton garments, so shirts that have other materials like polyester and rayon will have more varied results. Also, exact colors are nearly impossible to achieve, so if you need a PMS match, this is NOT the ink for you.

Water Based and Discharge Inks are affected by the fabric much more than plastisol. WE CANNOT GUARANTEE AN EXACT PMS COLOR MATCH OR AN EXACT REPLICA OF A COLOR ON RE-ORDERS. We will try our best, but since shirts are made in different locations and the inks have more of a chemical reaction, it’s impossible to 100% predict how the color will be affected.

Specialty Inks

We offer a variety of specialty inks such as Glow, Reflective, and Metallic or Shimmer inks. These inks are like the Plastisol inks, in that they tend to be much thicker than any of the standard ink systems we use. The metallic & shimmer inks mimmic Foil printing, however last much longer and not break down half as fast as foil printing will.