Frequently Asked Questions-Art

Q: What is the best file type for submitting artwork?

A: We prefer to use Vector based artwork to ensure crisp line art for outputting to film. We also can use bitmap images (at a high resolution, and to the size you would like to print). Ultimately we use either PSD (Photoshop) and AI (Adobe Illustrator) files to create the film to make the screens for printing. 

* If you have type in your image, and sending us an Illustrator file, please use the "Convert to Outlines" command to change the type to an object. This ensures that the font you use is not replaced by any other type loaded onto our machine.

Q: Can you redo our artwork so that it is "Print Ready"?

A: Yes! We have an in-house art department here that can work with you and your image to create a "Print Ready" file. We do have a small artwork fee, and will let you know that cost so that you can decide on what to do as far as getting the image to us for print.

Q: I have an idea for artwork, but am not an artist, can you create original artwork for me?

A: Yes! Our team of Graphic Designers, and Illustrators can create an image based on your idea! We love creating great looking images, and so working with you to create an awesome image for your shirts will be a pleasure.

Frequently Asked Questions-Inks

Q: What are my options when it comes to types of inks?

A: We offer a couple of options regarding ink types here at Graphic Facts. Most times, we use a Plastisol ink, that is a standard long lasting vibrant ink type. We also do Water Based Discharge Inks (or Pigments), which first bleaches the garment color, then dyes the garment with the pigments. 

*Please note, that compared to the Plastisol inks, the Water Based pigments work best on 100% Cotton garments, and the colors can vary in vibrancy depending on the dyes that are used to color the garment.

Q: Can you print with metallic inks?

A: We do use a variety of Plastisol Metallic inks, we have either Glittered Metallic inks, or Mirrored Metallic inks. When printing with Metallic colors, we use only Plastisol ink types.